In the advertising world, it is common sense to say that advertisers prefer their ads to reach the right target. On the internet this model became a standard for the past few years. However target the right audience, at the right time, in the right context and at the right place in digital signage is now possible with our solution.

Our Smart Targeting solution is dedicated to every actors (Brands, Banks, Retailers, Media agencies, Advertising agencies) that want to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns or contents displayed on Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media.


  • Identify and qualify your real audience depending on their gender and age group
  • Understand behaviour’s viewers based on real metrics
  • Know the correlation between your audience, the context and the location of your ads displayed on digital signage networks
  • Know the traffic around each digital screens
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your contents and ad campaigns
  • Engage even more you targeted audience through relevant, adapted and personalized content

Demographical Targeting

demographical targeting

Using a technology of real time streaming video we collect the current demographics (age and gender) in order to let Jacare Smart Targeting select automatically the most appropriate content or campaigns for the audience. We provide you with all of those data on the viewers in our intuitive and personalized dashboard with counters and ratios.

Contextual Targeting

contextual targeting

To refine the targeting, we add the demographics with weather data to know the current context. Collecting meteorological data allow marketers to adjust their campaigns for a better promotion of the products and a better understanding of customers’ behavior in a precise environment. It is an advertising engagement lever for a marketing team.

Geographical Targeting

geographical targeting

We use sensors to catch and collect smartphones signals (WI-FI, Bluetooth, and Beacon) to register encrypted and anonymous data in real time in order to count the number of passers close to the digital display (people counter). Dwell time and visit frequency become concrete metrics and a high performing placement of your ads a standard.

Now you can deliver the right message
  • to the right audience
  • in the right context
  • in the right place